I’ve got my family and i love all people on the earth.

Oww 2013 well, i would like more support for #RA and more idea for our futur :)

The philosophical underpinnings of my approach to acting are that there are universal human qualities, and that every character is actually available within each one of us, that if we tap down into that universal humanness, we can find whatever character it is that we need to play already there within ourselves, and it’s just a matter of peeling apart the onion that is you and finding that character within you, because of this universal human quality

A lot of times I think the cast members, the lead characters in a show really set the tone for the show. On some shows, the stars of the show will just be whining and complaining and spending the whole time texting their boyfriends on their Blackberries, and there’s just no attention given to the work. Jared and Jensen are very serious about the work, and at the same time they are light and upbeat and sarcastic. They’ve got good senses of humor, and that actually really helps.
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